The Fourth of July is a reminder they we are a free nation, a freedom that comes with responsibility.  I was in the Marine Corps when they celebrated their 200th birthday in 1975, and the patriotism shown that day was unbelievable.  Where has it gone since that time?  We all need to remember that our country was founded on freedom, that we are all Americans, and that we need to work as a nation to maintain that freedom.  We all have the freedom to choose our path, whether it be education, employment, marriage, family, and love of our country.  We need to remember we are all AMERICANS, and while of different backgrounds we need to work as Americans to love our country and take to heart the potential we have as a nation.  We are not perfect, but we are the best country in the world, and we all need to respond to the current times and work to keep our country strong and prosperous.  Freedom is not free, and we as Americans need to remember what we will lose if our country does not keep in the right direction.

Sgt. Hale USMC (Inactive)

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